The value of expertise
backed with state of the art processes

Utility Navigators - Engineers who manage relationships

Organization is the key to success, jobs large or small; IJUS enters each project with an eye on internal and external involved parties. Utilities today face outside plant pressure beyond the simple design constraints. Assets and Rights of Way face growing congestion from new stakeholders while historical occupants react to changing market and competitive forces.

What remains constant is the need to deliver services to the end customer in a safe and reliable manner. Balance is required to achieve compliance within budget. IJUS is comfortable working effectively amongst organizations traditionally at odds.


The philosophy at IJUS is to employ Engineers and Technicians that think strategically, lead proactively and work creatively. Then coupled with our vast project experience brings together a unique group of employees; employees that are experienced in both practical design and extensive field situations. Our years of utility coordination, NESC structural and clearance inspections, and asset management offers a solution that augments your existing staff and allows you to complete your design projects on time and under budget. Put our staff of experienced overhead and underground line design engineers to work for you.


Demand for communication is a pressing challenge faced by utilities today. From cable TV to telecommunications to municipal utilities, everyone is vying for space on poles and rights of way. The stakes are very high for everyone. Operators are faced with a steadily shrinking window of financial opportunity, and time is of the essence. Government regulation requires a prompt response with substantial consequences for non-compliance. Most important, your infrastructure could be weakened, causing a breakdown in delivery to your customers, resulting in high liability costs. Our ability to design communication needs from the Central Office/Headend to the final customer is not unique until combined with the design integration of utility, construction, and Rights of way.